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TORCH Lamp Caribian Blue

TORCH Lamp Caribian Blue

TORCH night lamp with a contemporary look and sustainable design includes a combination of aesthetics, functionality and eco-friendly materials. With a base in Caribbean blue and an opal shade, the lamp embraces clean lines and a simple, elegant design that fits seamlessly into modern interiors.
3D printing is an additive manufacturing process, the material is deposited layer by layer to create the final object. There is minimal material waste as you only use what is necessary for the object's construction. 
Materials are PLA/ corn starch-base filaments.

27cm x 20cm x 20cm/ 10.6in x 7.9in x 7.9in
High 27cm/ 10.6in
Diameter 20cm/ 7.9in

Cable lenght 150cm/ 5ft
EU plug, US/UK plug is optional
Electric bulb base E14 equivalent E17( bulb is not included)

    160,00 лв.Price
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